'Sister Wives' Shocker: Janelle Jumped Ship!

sister wives book coverI don't know what the producers of Sister Wives are thinking.

So far this season has been all about how Christine resents Robyn and is getting more and more disgusted with Kody and how having sister wives is really "hard work" and blah blah jealousy blah ...

And they still haven't brought up the time Janelle left Kody (and Meri, and Christine)?!

Janelle's passages in the family's new book Becoming Sister Wives is the first I ever heard about this split, which occurred before the reality show started filming (during the eighth year of Janelle's marriage to Kody).

Poor woman.

She'd just given birth to her fifth child, Gabriel, and was suffering from "horrible postpartum depression."


"I felt overwhelmed by having had so many children in quick succession," she writes, "and felt seriously depressed at our lack of financial means."

I also had a particularly nasty fight with Meri -- one of the worst we'd ever had. I was at my breaking point. I couldn't see my way out of my depression. I told Kody I was leaving. That night, I got into the car and drove to my mother's house. My kids and I stayed with my mother for several months until I found my own place. My job paid a decent salary, which allowed me to buy a better car in addition to my own home. I started to build a life for myself outside the sisterhood.

Sounds like a happy ending to me. Which begs the question ... why did she go back?!?!

Apparently she missed her "sisters" and the kids missed their siblings and "other mothers." So when Kody moved the family to a big house in Utah where everybody wouldn't be all up in each other's grills all the time, that "changed everything."

We were able to be together as a family in a normal and relaxed way. I had my own space, but my kids had their siblings and the other mothers in the same building.

Um, whatever works for you, Janelle.

Still, this admission makes so much sense! Could it be that Janelle seems to take all the drama in stride because she knows she can be okay on her own? (And that the door is always open, hint, hint?)

Do you think Janelle will leave Kody and the Sister Wives again?


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