Kim Kardashian's 'Drug Abuse' Is a Desperate Plea

kim kardashian wearing dark shades arriving in cannesKim Kardashian has been plagued by all sorts of rumors lately, usually involving her divorce, past relationships, present relationship with Kanye West, or various business deals related to her reality show career. The latest gossip could blow that silliness out of the water and sounds serious, people.

Now, be sure to take this with a grain of salt, considering that the source is an Australian tabloid called NW, but an "insider" says Kim is "freaking everyone out right now. She's taking Valium and sleeping pills. The last time she self-medicated was when she split from Reggie Bush, when everything felt impossible." Eek! The source goes on to say that Khloé found the pills and Kim's "secretly pleased Khloé found out because she'd have struggled to stop on her own."

While the entire story is questionable, the last point is, at the very least, intriguing.


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The idea that Kim perhaps wanted someone to "catch her" isn't all that wild and crazy. In fact, that can be a very real behavior associated with addiction. And I'd venture to guess it's also one often exhibited by celebs like Kim who are so used to living in the spotlight that their entire self-worth gets wrapped up in the attention they receive.

Who knows if any of this is true, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if this reported drug addiction in part is stemming from her craving attention, period! That would certainly dovetail with her being "secretly pleased" that her little sis found out. Or maybe it just has to do with Kim being ready to be "caught," because she is at the point where she realizes she needs help.

Either way, if there is even a grain of truth to all of this, it sounds like Kim might be in need of help. If that's the case, and Khloé is aware, hopefully she'll be able to be that "Queen of Tough Love" Kim needs to get well.

Do you buy this rumor? Why do you think Kim would be "secretly pleased" Khloé found out?

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