Kim Kardashian's 'Drug Abuse' Is No Different From Her Love for Kanye

kim kardashian e onlineHave you heard the latest rumor about Kim Kardashian? Supposedly she's on drugs! An unnamed source says sweet sis Khloe is furious over Kim taking Valium and sleeping pills. "Khloe's really freaked out by it: She found a bottle of pills and knew straight away what Kim was doing."

The unnamed "insider" went on to say that "tough love" Khloe has given Kim an ultimatum: Kick the pills in three weeks or she'll tell the Momager and Kanye. Like Kris isn't already poring over every Kardashian mention in the tabloids.

Riiight. What's that I smell? Ah yes, the overwhelming stench of horsepucky. This story has so many layers of baloney I can't even count them all.


Firstible! Kim on drugs? I doubt it. Not with the 24/7 cameras and entourage. When would she have the time? Oh I know, she's under so much pressure and it's been so hard since the divorce. Whatever. This just sounds like the usual manufactured drama -- and not even the interesting kind. I mean, Valium? How 1970s! And sleeping pills, yawn. Honestly, why didn't the gossipmongers go with the obvious choice: Ketamine! Hello! (Get it? Kim Kardashian Ketamine Kanye, see the pattern?)

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As for Khloe -- this is probably all news to her. There's no confirmation that she said any of this to our "unnamed" insider.

Here's what really happened: Kim showed up at Cannes and no one noticed. It was like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear, only actually there were lots of people to hear but no one cared. (I'd like to apologize for abusing that cliche.)

"What's a girl gotta do to get some attention around here?" Kim wailed. "Make a serious film!" said Cannes. "Can't do that!" Says Kim. So she somebody plants the drug abuse rumor. And now here I am writing about it. Why am I doing that? Because. You needed another reason to roll your eyes at something. You're welcome! Thank Kim, too.

Do you think the drug abuse rumors are true or just a big, steaming pile of manure?


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