Kristen Stewart Looks Gorgeous Even in These Hideous Pants

kristen stewartBeing a celebrity definitely has its ups and downs, but something tells me it doesn't exactly suck to be Kristen Stewart. People are completely enamored with her no matter what she does & says, not to mention what she wears.

For the Cannes Film Festival, Kristen showed up in this skinny pair of yellow & blue Balenciaga pants, paired with simple black pumps, a white cami, and a chic black jacket. Does she look like a major movie star or what? And of course, the sunglasses only add to her A-list status. (Ohhh that Kristen -- she's just so mysterious!)


If anyone else had tried to pull off these babies, there's a 99 percent chance they would've failed. The print is busy and loud, and the color contrast doesn't exactly make for the most eye pleasing duo. At first glance, the outfit really looks like kind of a mess, but then you realize Kristen Stewart is wearing it, and suddenly it looks stylish and trendy.

And even though she's not what anyone would consider to be a fashion icon, fans still look up to her and idolize her for being someone who isn't afraid to take risks, and doesn't dress to meet anyone else's standards or pre-conceived notions about what looks stylish. Simply being confident and staying true to who you are is the best fashion sense any woman can have!

Do you think Kristen's pants were too over-the-top?


Image via Splash

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