If Halle Berry Hates Paparazzi She Should Become a Waitress

halle berryHalle Berry is on the warpath against the paparazzi.

This is no "those jerks took pictures of my nip-slip" feud. Nope. The Oscar-winner is pissed about all the photos taken of her 4-year-old Nahla. She recently complained to Access Hollywood:

Nahla was just in a magazine and they said, what does she -- and I think Gwen Stefani’s kid -- have in common? They were both nose pickers, and I thought, "You know we are stooping to a new low when we prop up our children and exploit them like this." And people can’t wait to open up a magazine and see what 4-year-olds are wearing. There is something wrong, fundamentally wrong, with that.

No Halle ... that is fundamentally funny. And, whether you like it or not, it's the kind of stuff your fans want to see.


Think about that worn-out mom who gets a rare moment to thumb through her favorite celebrity mag. Seeing ridiculous tidbits like this make her feel a little bit closer to you. It's like, this uber-glamorous mom is dealing with a gross little nose-picker too.

Even so, Halle wants to make it illegal to take photos of star kids. “We are going to figure out what we can do on our local level in Los Angeles to sort of change some laws because it is becoming child exploitation,” she also told Access Hollywood. 

She's also considering taking the issue to the President (because he clearly does not have enough to do), telling Extra:

You know, I think I’m going to call Obama and say, "Look, can you help us? I know this seems like a little issue right now, but it’s a big issue in our lives and our lives at the school and our children being protected."

I'm not saying that the attention is fun for them or even always fair. Halle's certainly not the first star to freak out about their kids being in the press. But it's a fact of life if you earn $10 million for a 6-week movie shoot.

This frenzy is nothing new. Taking legal action is just downright delusional. You want people to stop caring, you may just have to pick a new career.

Do you think the paparazzi should be allowed to take pictures of a celebrity's kids?


Image via brava_67/Flickr

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