'Glee' Finale Recap: 5 Biggest Shockers of the Goodbye Episode

Glee finaleThe folks behind Glee certainly know how to pack a lot into an hour! The Fox hit's season three finale was an hour later than usual because of American Idol, but this was a goodbye episode worth waiting for. We had graduations, breakups, and some confessions that even the Gleekiest of Gleeks couldn't see coming.

There was a lot coming at us. And now we've got a whole summer to figure out what that cliffhanger means. So how about revisiting five of the biggest moments of the night to see if we've got a handle on them?


Kurt, Finn, and Rachel Opening Their College Acceptance Letters: We might as well get the big one out of the way. The trio that was New York bound isn't. Rachel got into NYADA. Kurt and Finn got big fat sorry, but no, letters from the schools of their dreams.

Burt Hummel Dancing to Single Ladies: Kurt called it the best graduation gift ever, and oh was it ever! His dad got up onstage wearing a glittery glove, dancing and lip-syncing to Beyonce in a send-up to the season one episode when he caught Kurt doing the same thing in the family basement. Burt's ode was as touching as it was hilarious. It is definitely in the top three best moments of the entire season. Wait, make that all three seasons!

Brittany Explaining Why She Won't Graduate: It was hard enough trying to keep the tears from flowing while Santana and Brittany contemplate having to put distance between them for college. Add in Gloria Estefan as Santana's mom who's trying to show her lesbian daughter that she will always be loved, and it could have been a sobfest. Perfect timing for a Brittany one-liner to lighten the mood. She's repeating her senior year at McKinley, and really Santana should have seen that one coming, after all, even Britt knows you don't get out of high school with a "0.0 grade point average." Eek.

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Coach Roz Washington Stirring the Mommy Wars Pot: We can always count on Nene Leakes the bring the crazy, and did she ever! She might be have come to an agreement with Sue Sylvester to lay down the knives they tend to throw at each other just long enough to connive a way to get Principal Figgins out of a job. But that didn't mean she couldn't drop one last zinger. Roz suggested Sue bottlefeed her "vampire baby" so it doesn't bite holes in her boobs. Ouch!

And finally ... the very biggest moment of the night, and the one that still has most of us Gleeks with our gums flapping like fish because we're so shocked:

Finn Dumping Rachel: He doesn't just love her so much that he refuses to let her give up her dream of going to New York just to marry him. He actually joined the Army because he knew she couldn't follow him to Fort Benning! She had to go to New York! Cue the tears. Now.

Of course, we still don't know what will happen to Kurt. Or how they'll manage to tie the whole Glee cast back together next year. Or ... forget it. I can't even start thinking about Season Four. I still don't know how I feel about Season Three.

How about you? What are your feelings about the whole season now that you've seen the finale? What was the big shocker for you?


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