Kristen Stewart Reveals How She Really Feels About '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

kristen stewart reads 50 shades of greyEver since Fifty Shades of Grey hit mainstream consciousness, and we all found out who inspired E.L. James' hit series, I'm sure fans have been wondering what the heck Kristen Stewart has to say about the phenomenon. After all, it was her -- or at least, a character she portrays -- who inspired the novels. And obviously, there are tons of KStew fans out there who want to see her star as Anastasia Steele in the forthcoming Fifty flick.

So I know exactly what After Hours With MTV's Josh Horowitz was playing at when he recently urged the Snow White & the Huntsman cast read the book aloud. (Oh yes, he did.) Sure, watching Charlize Theron's reading of Ana discovering Christian's "oh so happy trail" is hilarious, but that wasn't the point of the scheme. Hells no! I'm sure Horowitz just wanted to a juicy reaction and some nifty soundbytes out of KStew! And, I gotta hand it to the guy -- he succeeded.


In the clip, KStew talks about how she has yet to read fan fiction about Bella, but it's not for lack of being curious. She says she is "interested," but she's just "not Googled that one yet." Well, that's a truly diplomatic response! 

And although she hasn't checked it out herself yet, she's certainly spied other people with their head buried in the steamy Grey tome. She told Horowitz:

I've seen people read this on airplanes. And I'm always like, "Ewww. Take that blanket off your lap you freak!"

Ha, too funny. I guess if you were KStew you'd be equally skittish about Fifty. So I give her major props for playing along with with Horowitz's "twisted" game. She even began to read a passage! Whoa! 'Course she didn't take it to the extent her SWATH co-stars did ... But all in all, she was a great sport!

Check it:


Is this how you imagined KStew would react to Fifty Shades of Grey?


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