Camille Grammer 'Couldn't Let Go' of 'Real Housewives' All the Way

broken heartRemember that time when Camille Grammer was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and host Andy Cohen asked her what it felt like that her show got higher ratings than Kelsey Grammer's new show and she got this huge grin on her face and admitted she loved it? Well, Camille is set to start smiling again. Perhaps it was that thought of her cheating ex-husband, Kelsey, and his low ratings that spurred Camille back into the RHOBH fold.

We had heard in March that she wouldn't be returning to the show because she didn't want to expose her personal life anymore. Then, in May, we heard rumors she wouldn't be a full-fledged member of the show, but she'd be on it occasionally.

And now it is confirmed that Camille is back in RH action full time, baby. The truth is, she couldn't stay away. Seriously, that's what she said.


Camille told E! Online:

I guess it was something I couldn't let go of. I really enjoy being with the women and working with the producers. They're like my extended dysfunctional family.

Out of all of the ladies, Camille doesn't need the comparatively paltry sums the show would pay her. Not when she's got "Frasier money." But what is Camille going to do without the show? Retire to her Hawaiian mansion and roll around in thousand-dollar bills? Of course not. She enjoys the perks and fame of being on television. Not to mention having higher ratings than Kelsey's new show, Boss.

Plus, she and her younger "Greek God" boyfriend, Dimitri, are getting serious and she is traveling with him to Greece to meet his family. If the cameras are allowed on that trip, why not? Hopefully Kelsey will catch an episode or two.

Are you glad Camille is back?


Image via katerha/ Flickr

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