Jennifer Garner's Short Film ‘Serena’ Shows Off Her Sinful Side (VIDEO)

jennifer garnerI'm not sure if Jennifer Garner was pregnant when she filmed the short film Serena opposite Alfred Molina. However, if she was expecting one of her three cuties at the time, then how very clever of Mrs. Ben Affleck to get cast as a character we only see from the neck up!

(Other movie star moms-to-be, take note: When you're in a confessional, that baby bump is totally off-camera.)

Serena, written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia, is the first short film to premiere on WIGS, a new YouTube channel featuring original series and shorts starring big names like Dakota Fanning, Jane Kaczmarek, Virginia Madsen, America Ferrera, and (gasp!) Bill Compton Stephen Moyer.

And even if Garner wasn't preggers in this 8-minute movie, it was still a pretty clever casting move ... we haven't seen Jen in anything this edgy since Alias!


Garner plays a somewhat unbalanced woman who's definitely got a hardcore case of the hots for her patient, long-suffering, and perhaps ever-so-slightly tempted priest (Alfred Molina). She's convinced the way to his heart is through the outrageous sins she confesses ... but did she even commit them in the first place?

I'm not telling! All I'm going to say is this: Serena may be just 8 minutes long, but those are some of the most complex, layered, emotionally charged 8 minutes you'll ever see.

Do you think this is a great role for Jennifer Garner?

Image via wigs/YouTube

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