Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock's Buddy Cop Movie News Has Us Laughing Already

Melissa McCarthy Sandra BullockOh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! I have some great news for you today. You know how there really hasn't been a movie quite like Bridesmaids ever since, well, Bridesmaids? Like, a hilarious movie full of hilarious female cast members with a hilariously original script plus a hilariously hot Jon Hamm? Well, hold on to your poop-filled couture wedding dresses, as news has come out that the next brilliant female comedy will feature none other than Bridesmaids cast member Melissa McCarthy ... and also Sandra Bullock!

Their new buddy cup movie will also be directed by Paul Feig, who, yup, directed Bridesmaids as well. AND. AND. Parks and Recreation writer Katie Dippold is penning the script. This movie really can't lose ... can it? At least I'm hoping for a completely refreshing take on the buddy cop movie -- it is featuring two women, after all -- and not Miss Congeniality 3.


Sure, I'm probably getting way too excited over a movie that hasn't even been named yet, but I think both of these women together could create some comedy gold. I've loved Sandra Bullock ever since Love Potion No. 9 and I've loved Melissa McCarthy ever since Gilmore Girls, and I'm sure between them and Feig and Dipplod, they won't produce something that sucks. Otherwise, the world might explode.

All we have so far about this movie is one single, we-must-know-more teaser: "The strained working relationship between a high-strung FBI agent (Bullock) and an unconventional Boston cop (McCarthy) who team up to take down a Russian gangster."

Gah, can't they give us anything more? Anyway, I think Bullock will do much better as a high-strung agent as opposed to a tomboy like she was in Miss Congeniality, and McCarthy can work her magic in any "unconventional" role. I can only begin to imagine the witty banter these two will come up with -- I'd pay some serious cash (if I had any) to be on that set. And, well, like Bridesmaids, I'm actually looking more forward to the bloopers than the actual film!

Here are some Bridesmaids bloopers in case you forgot how spectacularly funny that movie was. It should go without saying, but this isn't safe for work or for little kids:

Are you excited to see these two team up in a comedy?


Images via Bridesmaids and djtomdog/Flickr

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