'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Home Reduced to Pile of Rubble


Well, it looks like the Kardashian family has moved into a new place to keep up with themselves, because the Hidden Hills, California home where they filmed Keeping Up With the Kardashians for five seasons has been destroyed and reduced to a pile of rubble.

But it wasn't an earthquake or other natural disaster (or a crazed fan) who demolished the home -- it was the new owner, a TV producer who plans on building a "modern, industrial-type" home in its place. And even though it would seem this person wanted to leave no trace of the property's reality TV past, he did keep one important feature of the house -- the stripper pole. (Of course!) Apparently he plans on using it as a coat rack. How chic.


Having a place where you lived for many years and made countless memories be torn down isn't an easy thing to stomach, even for a family as famous as the Kardashians. I'm sure they were at least a little disappointed to hear what the new owner planned to do to their house.

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But they can rest assured that the demolition wasn't all bad, because the materials from the house were donated to Habitat for Humanity. Doesn't it seem kind of fitting that all the drama imprinted in those walls ultimately went to a good cause? Donating the materials from the house was such a wonderful way to give back -- and to ensure that the reality TV legacy left behind in the rubble will live on. (Or something semi-poetic like that.)

Do you get attached to houses and find it hard to move?


Image via Charlie Gallay/Getty

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