'DWTS' Recap: Donald Driver's Secret Weapon Is Not Hidden Anymore

It's hard to believe that Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars is coming to a close. But the finals are, without a doubt, the best part of the season and Donald Driver was by far the best part of tonight.

This is, of course, because the finals contain the Freestyle.

It has been a season of great dancers and insane eye candy. I don't think there has ever been a better looking final three. But then, it's not about looks, right? It's about talent.

Of course, it is hardly as though that is in short supply either. Truly, I don't envy the judges making these decisions. They are all so, so good.


With the freestyle, all the dancers brought it and used their "secret weapons."

From William Levy to Katherine Jenkins to Donald Driver, each celebrity brought their own secret talent to the dance floor Monday night.

William Levy used his hips and shook them to Shakira. But his "secret weapon" is Cheryl Burke. Burke is known for bringing winners and using the best of what her celebrities have to offer and that is exactly what she has done with Levy.

Shirtless and shaking his booty to Latin music? Yes, please! Unfortunately, it was not enough for the judges and this was especially true when compared to what came after.

Katherine Jenkins worked her "special talent" for singing to start her perfect and fantastic dance. But it was Donald Driver who brought his A game and easily cleared the Freestyle competition.

Holy HELL was his dance good. Driver's secret weapon was Texas. Who knew that he could dance like that to country music. That song is going to be stuck in my head all week, but who cares. That is a man who can dance.

Now Driver has been my favorite all season and tonight he proved why. I want to see him win (Please! Please!) but I know it will likely be Jenkins.

Fingers crossed, though.

Who do you hope wins it? Who did you like best tonight?


Image via ABC

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