'House' Series Finale: Everybody Dies? Everybody?! (VIDEO)

hugh laurieSo, I'm a little blown away by the series finale of House. The SERIES FINALE!! I thought I was ready, I really did, but I just wasn't ready at all. Not at all. Phew, deep breath.

Anyway, heartsick as I am over the end of Hugh Laurie's reign as the coolest doctor in TV history, I will admit that I'm pretty much more or less happy with the way the last episode (titled "Everybody Dies," btw) went down.

Or at least okay with it. At first I thought I wasn't! At first I was like, Are you effing kidding me?! This can't happen! But then ... SPOILER ALERT ... seriously, stop reading if you don't want to know what happened ...


When Wilson got that text in the middle of his angry eulogy at House's "funeral," I practically wept with joy. Of course House was alive! Of course he didn't die in that weird inferno of a building where all the ghosts of seasons past came to counsel him!

I would've been fine just knowing House wasn't dead, but the final moments of the show really got me: At last, House is the friend Wilson deserves.

It's actually the only way House will ever repay Wilson for the years upon years of favors and bailouts and sacrifice ... to fake his own death. That way, House doesn't have to spend the last months of Wilson's life in jail for vandalizing the hospital (in case you're not caught up, Wilson is dying of cancer and has an estimated five months to live) and Wilson doesn't have to trash the legacy he worked for by covering for House's crime.

"But you can never be a doctor again," says Wilson, slowly understanding what House has done for him.

Exactly. House gave up the one thing he truly loved -- being a doctor -- to be by his best friend's side. To give him one last "adventure."

That's how I always want to remember House and Wilson ... at the very beginning of their very last journey together ... riding their motorcycles into the golden autumn afternoon.

Did you watch the House series finale? What did you think?

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