'Mad Men' Recap: Joan's on Her Own

joan and don at bar mad men christmas waltzIt's Pearl Harbor Day at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, and with Christmas a couple of weeks away, it seems the gifts some of our favorite players are waiting for are just out of reach. There's Lane, who needs $8K wired ASAP to England for back taxes. Joan, who needs reassurance that she's going to be able to move on from her busted marriage ... with a child. And everyone else is hotly anticipating SCDP reeling in a potential "big fish" account -- Jaguar. All that anticipation may be exciting ... but it's certainly setting the stage for danger down the road.


Take Joan, who we find out has been rejecting checks from Roger, who has been offering her unofficial child support for their tyke, Kevin. They argue, she shuts it down, and even shuttles him out of the room to go back to flirting with one of the young secretaries. Guess a Joan-Roger reunion isn't happening anytime soon! Bummer.

But then, oh man -- Joan gets served divorce papers and ends up freaking out on the receptionist who let the man who served her into the office. Sure, we saw it coming, and the divorce is welcome in many ways (given that her husband is a self-obsessed monster). But of course being a single mother divorcee isn't exactly what she ever had in mind.

Hey, no worries -- Don Draper to the rescue! He prods her to join him on his lunch break, and they end up going to a Jaguar dealership to test-drive a XK-E, then later to a bar, where they drink and flirt. Maybe as old friends ... maybe as something more? Perhaps they both wish they could be more than just good old friends, but it's not happening. Don encourages her to go after a guy who has been checking her out at the bar, even giving her "mad money" before heading home drunk to Megan, who flips her lid on him for being MIA. Good for her! He should have called, and the fact that he doesn't -- and oh, that he later sends Joan flowers referencing a flattering remark he had made during their night out -- does make me wonder if these two feel 100 percent truly platonic about one another. Hmmm ... well, no telling for now. As it stands, despite being rasied by her mother to "be admired," she's alone ... at least for the time being.

In the meantime, Lane's legal conundrum has him sinking to a completely new low -- stealing from SDCP. He lied to his wife, even forged a check with Don's signature -- eek!! Agh, can you imagine?! What a sad mess. I cannot see this ending well. And either way, with the kind of financial moves Lane's been making, the agency better land Jaguar and show the world that they've arrived, as Don promises in a staff meeting. Or else I'm afraid SCDP could really be about to crash and burn.

What do you think is going on between Joan and Don (if anything)? And can you believe Lane?!


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