'Sister Wives' Recap: Christine Would 'Rather Shoot' Kody Than Talk to Him

sister wivesSigh.

The experience of watching Sister Wives is seriously starting to mess with me. One second I'm all, Who the hell does this Kody character think he is, anyway? What are these women thinking? Then the next second I'm like, Awww, that new baby is so cute!!! It does kind of seem like they all love each other ... wait, what am I saying?! This is sooo NOT okay!

Like tonight's episode, which picked up on last week's Christine is muy, muy unhappy theme. And if you've been puzzling over why on earth Sister Wife #3 ain't gettin' no satisfaction? Well, mystery solved! Christine made a huge revelation ..


In the same way some little girls dream about growing up to be Disney princesses or Disney pop stars, Christine apparently grew up dreaming about becoming a 3rd sister wife. Specifically. A 3rd wife. Huh. (I feel like her Barbies lived a very different life than mine.)

Anyway, by the time she came on the scene as a 3rd wife, she figured, all the plural marriage kinks would be worked out already and she could just kind of be the shiny new toy forever.

Alas, there was no Wife #4 in her childhood fantasy.

Whoops. So to make her feel better about being displaced, Kody took Christine paintballing. Because while they could've spent some alone time talking about their issues, as Christine put it, "I'd rather shoot him." Um, fair enough. When Kody said he "felt bad" about shooting Christine, she just grinned: "I didn't."

After paintballing, Kody surprised Christine with a helicopter ride, which she'd apparently been dying to do ... and now Kody and Christine is like peas and carrots again!

Awww. It's just like Kody says: "In the end this is a story about love."

Especially for Robyn, who was stuck at home with 4 sick kids (so sad when the baby coughed!! Little guy!) while Kody and Christine helicoptered around. And for Meri, stuck at home hobbling around with some sort of skiing injury. (Janelle? I think she moved out and nobody wants to tell Kody. Cause she's been laying real low.)

All about ... love. Okay, yeah. Not my kinda love, but who am I to judge?

Sigh. Did I mention how cute that baby is?

What did you think about tonight's episode of Sister Wives?


Image via TLC

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