'Game of Thrones' Recap: Tyrion & Arya Are Brilliant, but Next Week's Battle Looks Even Better

Game of ThronesCan you believe it, after "The Prince of Winterfell," there are only two episodes left of season 2 of Game of Thrones? After last week's cliffhanger (did Theon Greyjoy really do the unthinkable?) and a war brewing on all sides, we can only hope that this season ends with an epic battle and leaves us fans longing for more.

In this episode, Tyrion and Arya prove yet again that they're some of the smartest characters in the series, and we see what happens as a result of some of the terrible decisions Theon, one of the dumbest characters, made last week in Winterfell. There are crazy spoilers ahead, and I'm going to keep all book/show comparisons to a minimum!


In this episode, Theon gets schooled by his sister for killing Rickon and Bran, but turns out that the kids and Osha and Hodor were able to double back; Theon killed and burned the farmer's boys instead. Robb Stark gets the unfortunate news that Jaime Lannister escaped -- thanks to good ol' mom Catelyn, who is subsequently arrested. And Daenerys resolves to go to the House of the Undying to find her dragons.

But the scene-stealers for this episode were the old go-tos: Arya & Tyrion. Arya, thanks to thinking on her toes, is finally able to escape Harrenhal. She overhears Tywin Lannister planning to attack her brother, but before she can tell Jaqen to kill him, Tywin rides away to fight. So the last name she chooses when she finds Jaqen? "Jaqen H'ghar."

His reaction is priceless as he asks her to unname him, and she does so ... only if he helps her escape. Thanks to his help, she, Gendry, and Hot Pie walk right through the gates later that night. Arya is the perfect combination of cunning and courage -- I am going to miss the scenes between her and Tywin, though!

We also get to see Tyrion outmaneuvering his sister Queen Cersei, even if she thinks it's the other way around. As he and Cersei discuss sending Joffrey into battle, Cersei is smiling and announces that she has Tyrion's whore (and we assume it's Shae). "The bruises will heal in time," she slips. "You need to hide your secret whores more carefully." But Tyrion has outsmarted Cersei yet again -- it isn't Shae, but another woman. Tyrion runs to Shae and proclaims she's his and she makes him vulnerable, and she's safe for now. Still, it seems Tyrion has been able to pull a fast one on Cersei at every turn, and just like Arya, they both get what they want this week.

But I think the best part of the night was the preview for next week's episode, "Blackwater." Finally, there will be an epic battle as the Lannisters take on Stannis Baratheon. Should be a good one -- George R. R. Martin wrote the script himself! I for one can't wait to see it.

Do you think Arya and Tyrion are the smartest characters in the game of thrones?


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