'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' News Brings Lovers & Haters Together (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianIf there was ever a way to draw a dividing line between two types of people in the world, this may be the topper. There are the people who have been practically quivering in anticipation over the premiere of season 7 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight. Then there are the people who would throw something at their TV if such trash dare appear on the screen. This story is for both of you.

TMZ has pictures showing former home of the Bruce and Kris Jenner has been destroyed. The owner who bought the house in Hidden Hills after it served as a filming location for five seasons of the reality show has torn the whole thing down. So how is this something that brings these two sides together? I'm getting to that!


Those Kardashians have done good for the world -- even if they had nothing to do with it!

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In his attempt to excise the place of any of the Kardashian karma, the new owner pulled every glitzy bit touched by a Dash or a Jenner has been pulled out and donated to Habitat for Humanity. It wasn't all done out of the goodness of his heart -- he's sure to get a hefty tax write-off -- but Habitat is an organization that very much survives off of folks like him. Donations are a must to give needy families a place to call their own.

Having worked with the non-profit a time or two, I can tell you they almost never get top-of-the-line appliances and decor the likes of which comes out of a Kardashian mansion. Their largesse is a big boon to the world today! Win, win!

Oh, and a bit more for all you Dash fans who will be tuning in to keep up in season 6? Phase one of the redesign of Kris' home in Calabasas is apparently complete, and the pictures look amaaaaazing. Get ready to drool over some delish design!

Happy y'all? Consider yourself prepped for tonight ... whether you'll be watching the Kardashians (new time, 9 p.m. ET) or not.

So which side are you?

Take a look back at the drama that unfolded last season:

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