Missing Actor Nick Stahl Gives Up Worthless Clue to his Whereabouts

Nick StahlThe sad case of missing actor Nick Stahl has taken an even more bizarre twist. The Terminator 3 actor has surfaced! Well, sort of.

Stahl's estranged wife Rose Murphy Stahl, who is the one who reported his disappearance to police in the first police, told People that several friends have heard from him via email this weekend. Stahl reportedly told them that he's "OK," and headed into a month-long rehab. But the details sound far from "OK."


Rose Stahl, who happens to not just be Nick's wife but the mother of his daughter, Marlo, didn't actually GET one of those emails. Instead she knows the password to his email account, and she logged in there herself, only to see he'd told some friends that he was going to arrange to get his clothes, and would be in rehab for 30 days.

So, he supposedly knows he's got to get clean, but he doesn't think it's important enough to update the mother of his child on where he's going to be? Eh, I'm not sure I buy it. That doesn't sound like a guy who is rehab-bound.

The email was apparently sent out late Friday night, although a spokesman for the LAPD told reporters this weekend that they have not closed out Stahl's  missing persons case. Not surprisingly, an email does not count as "evidence." As they say on the interwebs, pictures or it didn't happen.

Even Rose is still saying she's "skeptical" that Stahl is really going into rehab. And I can't exactly blame her.

No matter how bad enough he's been, if Stahl is at a point where he realizes he needs to clean up, he should realize that his child is important too. God forbid something were to happen to little Marlo while he was in rehab. Stahl should be able to be contacted. That's part of being a parent. Screwed up relationships aside, when you become a parent, your kid is supposed to be your priority.

Not to mention the intake process at any responsible clinic includes the facility familiarizing itself with a new patient's family history and ties out in civilization. If Stahl's gotten himself hooked up with any particular rehab, they should be pushing for contact.

I'm going to call this "clue" to his whereabouts worthless. Until Nick Stahl is actually seen in a rehab facility, physically turning his life around, I don't think it's safe to close the book on this one.

What do you think of an email as "proof" that Nick Stahl is really OK?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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