Will Smith Slapping Male Reporter Over Kiss Doesn't Mean He's 'In the Closet' (VIDEO)

Will Smith slapSigh. Of course they're going there. Will Smith slapped a male reporter this week at the Men in Black 3 premiere in Moscow for trying to kiss him, and the "OMG, Will Smith really MAY be gay" rumors are already going crazy on the interwebs. People! Get hold of yourselves!

Not wanting a guy to plant his lips on him doesn't put Will Smith in the "he doth protest too much" camp. He's a human being who gets to say who -- and when -- gets their lips on his. And as far as Big Willie's concerned, that apparently does not include a Ukrainian reporter from 1+1. Who can blame him? Gay, straight, they just met! I'd have been pretty PO'd myself.


According to TMZ, Smith got angry with the reporter, later saying he "should" have "sucker punched" him. But he quickly went back to the affable guy his fans know and love, singing autographs and doing interviews. Not exactly the sign of someone who is terrified his big secret has been "outed" is it?

Someone he didn't know got too personal. That's it. A slap might have been a bit violent, but we've all had one of those kneejerk reactions in our lives. A friend once slapped her toddler son across the face because he bit into her leg. She didn't do it on purpose. Literally, she had no control of her hand ... and she felt awful afterward. It's the way the body works.

The bigger issue here is that people are so caught up in what stars do inside their bedrooms. Evidence enough are all the "will they or won't they" divorce rumors about Will and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

But the whole sexuality debate leaves me particularly cold. It's become some big game to "out" the closeted celebrity. Put that way, it sounds cruel doesn't it? To play with someone's heart?

Is it any wonder we've got homophobes claiming that letting two gay people marry will somehow "destroy" their own marriage when the nation at large is so obsessed with the gender of a celebrity's crush? People have taken their eyes of what really matters: whether two people are able to find love in this crazy mixed up world.

But let's get real: a kiss from a stranger out in public isn't love. It's not some big statement on sexuality -- in fact those who went the other way and jumped to the "OMG, he hates gays" route should be aware Smith supports same sex marriage.

All this reporter slap was about was an assault on personal space. Will Smith has the right to decide who gets to get personal. Too bad the same right isn't afforded two men who actually want to kiss in public, huh?

Check out Will's face slap ... what do you think of what he did?


Image via TMZ

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