John Travolta's 'Private' Message to His Wife Is Not Helping His Cause (VIDEO)

John Travolta has been dodging gay rumors for years, but now it seems he can add possible sex offender to that list of rumors. The dirty accusations against Travolta are downright revolting, but his wife Kelly Preston is standing by him. Just the other day she released a touching video he made for her for Mother's Day.

Was it supposed to prove he was straight? In love with his family? Not an (accused) creepy sex offender who preys on massage therapists?

Look, I loved John Travolta as much as the next Grease and Pulp Fiction fan, but you can only hear so many rumors before you start to wonder. And using Barbra Streisand as his video soundtrack? Not doing much to prove his sexual orientation. I'm just sayin' ... See below:


It's sweet, right? Look, I hope for the happiness of his gorgeous children and the sweetness of his once seemingly nice family life that these rumors are untrue.

I also think this family has been through more than their fair share of heartache. Sure, it's really possible these are just rumors (I really hope so), and one accuser was already discredited because he was wrong about the dates of the alleged assaults.

But still, rumors often contain a glimmer of truth, and it seems likely that somewhere in this there is some of that. Even if we don't want there to be.

For those of us who have grown up with Travolta, it's a sad fall and a real shame. If he were gay, does he really think people wouldn't like him? If so, that's just sad. It is sad that anyone would feel the need to bottle themselves and lie to the public. When people do that, something spills out and they do something to act out.

I hope they aren't true. But he is just not helping his cause here at all.

Do you think the rumors are true about John Travolta?


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