Kanye West Brings His Magic to Kim Kardashian's Perfume Launch

kim kanyeDoesn't it seem like a certain something's been missing from all these Kim Kardashian PR events? We've seen Kim preening next to stores, bottles of Midori, perfume, you-name-it dozens of times and frankly it's getting a little old. The magic is gone. Can you feel it?

What Kim needs is an exciting sidekick to complement her public appearances. Kim needs a Kanye.

Yes, Kanye West to the rescue. He's traveled with-ish Kim to London and is sort-of-but-not-really making appearances with her: He waited in the wings for his lady-friend at the FIFI UK Fragrance Awards and caught the tail end of Kim's True Reflection fragrance launch. Is it love? No. It's PRuv.


Public Relations Understated Variety, that's real PRuv. Who knows what's going on in these two's private lives -- if they have private lives. But their public lives? So smooth. I love how Kanye showed up at FIFI but didn't walk the red carpet with Kim. And he dressed simply in black leather pants and a white jacket -- lookin' fly and presentable, but definitely not upstaging Kim. Watch the maestro at work! Can't you just hear the publicists' meeting before that trip to London?

"Okay we want it to look like Kanye is totally supporting Kim but showing up for her events. But we don't want them to look like they're rushing this relationship."

"Right, because it's too soon after the divorce and people will call her a slut."

"People will call her a slut anyway. People live to call this woman a slut."

"I am not a slut!"

"We know dear. But Kanye, let's take it slow."

"That's what she said!"

"Kanye ..."

And then they pick out Kanye's and Kim's outfits and plot out who will show up when to the exact second. It's a sychronized ballet on the level of Ocean's 13 and the other Oceans movies. Kim looks supported but not slutty and Kanye gets a kickback of extra publicity.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've been asked to brainstorm on a tabloid name to be deployed exactly three months from now. Kimye, Kanyim, Kwest, Kardashiye ...

How long do you think the Kim and Kanye PRuv-fest will last?


Image via Splash News 

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