Phillip Phillips Needs to Leave 'Idol' If He Wants to Be a Star (VIDEO)

Phillip PhillipsI can't lie: I love American Idol this season. Most of that's because I love staring at Phillip Phillips and his baby blues. Helllooooooo, handsome! Scary news for us today though, Phil fans. The handsome songbird from Georgia with swoonworthy guitar skills isn't doing so hot. Get this: Phillips' personal doctor is urging him to get immediate surgery for his severe kidney problems.

Ruh-roh. Immediate surgery? Right before the big finale!? Guess it's not so surprising that the 21-year-old doesn't wanna leave the Idol stage at all and would rather work through the pain.

This is horrible. Either way, the show must go on. We've been hearing about these kidney problems for a while and Phillips needs the surgery. Show can't continue if he's dead, right?


Health is the most important thing, period. This is how I see it: the road to fame is long and winding but there's no doubting that Phillips is already there. His voice is fantastic, the world now knows his name, and whether or not he's actually at the finale show or even wins the Idol title, the man's got status.

Phillips has to get his priorities in order. That means he needs to take care of himself if he wants to continue on the trail to success.

Watch Phillips' performance of "We've Got Tonight" from last week's top 3 show, here:

Do you think Phillips should take time off and get the surgery?

Image via FOX

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