Major 'Glee' Spoilers for Season 4: Guess Who's Sticking Around?!

glee goodbyeGlee fans, I think Ryan Murphy owes us a box of chocolates and a bouquet. Remember how he started us all hyperventilating with the news that our New Directions faves were all going to graduate on us? He totally psyched us out.

Oh yeah, Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, and Finn Hudson are all going to get their McKinley High diplomas. But everybody is coming back to the show. Got that? Nobody is leaving us.

Wait, whaaaat? How the heck are they going to make that work? Oh, don't worry, I'm getting to that. It's a doozy.


Murphy is pointing to the show following both the old stand-bys at the school in Ohio (and perhaps some newbies ... come on, they totally set us up for a return of Unique in the Nationals episode) and the college kids in New York, plus -- if they don't throw any surprises at us -- Quinn at Yale. At the same time. In one TV show.

Folks, I'm scared. This sounds like one of those desperate attempts to make so many people happy that everyone ends up pretty P.O.'d in the end. Murphy says he told every member in the cast that he had a spot for them if they wanted to come back, and every one said yes. It's very sweet, and I can't exactly blame these actors for sticking by a show that has made them very rich and famous.

But we've forgiven the problems with the show because, hey, they're kids! Take Glee out of high school, and they're not kids anymore. It will require a higher standard of writing for those characters, which Murphy and crew had better be prepared to meet. And they'd best remember where their bread has been buttered ... in a high school setting.

The power of this show has always been that -- though far-fetched -- it gives us a chance to relieve the tough parts of the teen years from the comfort of being outside of it all. Watching this band of misfits find each other on a hit TV show of all places is its own form of payback to all the people who made OUR high school lives suck.

Are you happy to see the whole cast coming back or worried it will make a confusing mess out of your favorite show?

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