Summer Without Van Halen Means Metal Moms Need Major Help (VIDEO)

van halenAwww, man!

Bad news, dude: Van Halen ain't talkin' bout tourin' anymore! It looked like they really were ready to hit the road this summer (Diamond Dave and all!), tickets were selling out like crazy ... and now, suddenly, those 30-plus concerts have been cancelled with no explanation. Huge bummer.

This totally reminds me of that time my three friends and I had tickets to see Trixter, Warrant, and Poison. (What a triple-bill! It was like all the guys in the posters on our bedroom walls were gonna have a jam session!) The concert was a good three hours away, but we didn't care -- road trip! An excuse to blast "Cherry Pie" with the windows rolled down, our hair blowing in the ... well, actually with all that Aqua Net, our hair wouldn't be moving. But you get the gist.

Anyway, when we finally got there? Cancelled!!

Let me tell you, it was nothin' but a BAD time.


So I can completely sympathize with any disappointed former rocker girls out there ... but don't put those acid-washed jeans away just yet! You can still have your Metal Moment, Eddie or no Eddie.

Just grab your fellow groupies and rock out as follows:

1. Host a Bon Jovi karaoke night. Just remember, to avoid ego-fueled fueds, make sure everybody gets to take turns being Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora on "Wanted: Dead or Alive."

2. Have a "Whose Hair Is the Highest?" contest. Ladies, start your aerosol cans!

3. Have a "Who Does the Best Axl Rose Shuffle?" contest. Shake those hips! Shanananananananana knees, knees!

4. Go group to a diner. Everybody order tea or coffee. When the waitress asks, "Do you take sugar?" all of you yell, "One lump or two!!!" really, really loud.

5. Do a reeanactment of Skid Row's "18 and Life" video. (Use real fire! Whoever plays the guy Ricky shoots has to look as authentically shocked as the original actor.) Put it up on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, at least we can always find comfort in Van Halen videos from back in the day, like this one:

Did you have tickets to see Van Halen this summer?


Image via sergitogibson/YouTube

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