Raven Symone Responds to Gay Rumors in the Most Perfect Way

raven symoneEven before The National Enquirer posted their Raven Symone "Gay Shocker!" story, the buzz was that the former child star and current Broadway diva was "coming out." After all, the tabloid reported that she's been carrying on a lesbian relationship with America's Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston and "doesn't care what anyone thinks" anymore! So that's exactly the same thing as saying the actress has confirmed her sexuality, right?

Uh, wrong. The truth is that Raven didn't exactly respond to the rumors by declaring herself "out and proud." But that's not to say her response wasn't still completely commendable ...


In the wake of the Internet storm that surrounded the Enquirer's story, Raven tweeted something completely unrelated:

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!My 2 shows on stage made a girl T.I.Rid, oh thats right saw T.I. tonight too! AMAZIng day!love it!night

In other words, she's turning a blind eye to all the brouhaha. Okay, so coming out and waving a big rainbow flag around would be awesome. But whatever -- to each their own. She shouldn't be forced into making such a public statement about her personal life if she's not ready/willing/interested in doing so. Instead, it's clear that she values her privacy and has no interest in capitalizing on these rumors.

Think about it. If this was a Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan we were talking about, they would have already taken to Twitter to post at least a purposely vague tweet to get tongues wagging. And who knows what else?! Maybe there would already be an E! or Bravo reality show or wedding special in the works.

Not to say that at some point Raven might not decide to come out in a big way, but it's pretty clear that, as of right now, she's keeping mum. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, in many ways, it makes her come off as even more of a class act.

Do you think Raven will acknowledge the rumors at some point?

Image via Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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