Prince Harry & Queen Elizabeth Remind Us Never to Friend Our Relatives on Facebook (VIDEO)

prince harry discusses facebook queen elizabeth with katie couricWhoa, Katie Couric, way to score a "date" with not just one but two British monarchs! The news anchor recently did a rare exclusive one-on-one interview with Prince William and Prince Harry for a special called The Real Queen By Her Own Royal Family, which will air on ABC May 29 as part of the lead-up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Both Harry and Wills supplied some totally adorable zingers, like Wills explaining that you "don't mess with Grandma." But do you interact with her on Facebook? Katie asked Harry if Queen Elizabeth has sent him a friend request. His response: "No, she hasn't. Why? Has she friended you?" Love it!

Now, to be fair, there's no way (that we know of) for the Queen to friend her grandson, because so far, it seems, she only has a fan page. Still, the Q&A raises an interesting point. Is it ever a good idea to friend your family members?


Here, nine reasons why you shouldn't Facebook friend your relatives ...

  1. Drunk photos. Does Aunt So-and-So really need access to that little known album buried deep within your Timeline (but definitely still there) entitled, "Party Up in the Freshman Dorm!"? I think not.
  2. Your relationship status that says you're "single." Family members believe your relationship status is their business, no questions asked. If you're single, this is even more true, because they think it's their job to play matchmaker. Gah!
  3. Your relationship status that says you're "in a relationship." Immediately, they have to know, "Who? Where? How? Why?" You wish you could have just kept that information to yourself and done away with having a relationship status altogether -- especially if, one day, you happen to "no longer be in a relationship." 
  4. You'll end up having to censor yourself. Do you really want Grandma Dolores (who isn't officially the Queen of England, but might as well be) to see how crude and sarcastic you can be?
  5. You'll invite unnecessary criticism about your profile pics. They will go through your profile pictures and cluck their tongue at the less conventional ones. And then you'll get a phone call.
  6. You'll automatically become Professor Facebook. Speaking of phone calls, who is Uncle George going to call when he can't figure out how to upload that smartphone video to his "page"? Yup. You guessed it. YOU!
  7. It's a snowball effect. Already friends with one in-law, but don't want to friend the other who is a complete psychopath? Too bad. You've already dug your Facebook grave!
  8. Draaaaama. If you don't want inter-family gossip running amok over every little move you make via social media, you're better off not friending your relatives. Just sayin'!
  9. You find out unsavory or irritating details about them. Forget them creepin' on you. Do you really wanna know what kind of twisted sense of humor they have ... or see every last thing they've done on Bejeweled Blitz?

Personally, I'm friends with my sister (who is my best friend), my brother, my father, cousins, and lots of my fiance's family (including aunts, cousins, siblings), etc. In other words, do I follow my own advice? Hell no! But most of us are friends with most of our family that is on Facebook, because come on -- by refusing to friend them, you're asking for trouble, too. It's lose-lose. Oh well. At the very least, it's good to know what you're signing up for before you click "Accept."

Here's a cute preview clip of the Harry & William interviews ...

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How do you feel about friending relatives on Facebook?

Image via ABC

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