Snooki Lookalike Takes a Brutal Face Punch & It's Deja Vu All Over Again (VIDEO)

Do you remember that insane Jersey Shore moment when Snooki got punched in the face by a random dude in a bar? Apparently she accused him of stealing drinks, and the guy (later identified as Brad Ferro, a gym teacher from Queens) reacted by socking her in the snoot so hard she went flying off her bar stool?

Unbelievably, it seems yet another violent scenario involving Man Vs. Snooki has been caught on camera, but in this case, they're not at a bar, they're at a rock concert. And the guy kicked her in the face instead of using his fist. And oh yeah, it's not actually Snooki—but the resemblance is downright eerie.


TMZ has the footage from Saturday's Rockfest concert in Kansas City, where the music festival was headlined by Slash, Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch—but the main event seemed to be happening offstage. Apparently a man had already gotten physical with other concertgoers, and the video starts by showing someone trying to talk some sense into him while he glowers and generally looks like a pile of bad news. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, SNOOKI! Or at least someone who looks a hell of a lot like her.

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The mocking Snooki-clone was the final straw for Captain America, who attacked her with a savage boot to the face. Take a look at this crazy video:

That's all kinds of messed up, right? I mean, that's a really horrific assault, but also, who IS that chick and why does she look so much like Snooki?

I don't know if the guy ended up in jail or anything, but it seems like his attack definitely incited some mob justice, because you can see the crowd of burly dudes quickly taking him to the ground. I'm guessing that whatever injuries that douchebag gave the Snook-alike, he ended up with quite a few of his own.

TMZ says that the fight was eventually broken up and that the girl appeared to be OK, but wow. Personally, I feel I've learned several lessons from this informative video. One, never taunt a guy who's on the verge of Hulking out. Two, if you DO taunt that guy, make sure you have an escape route planned. Three, NEVER DRESS LIKE SNOOKI, because clearly there's something about her that makes men behave very, very badly.

(Never forget)

How creepy is this video? What's with big dudes beating up on little Snooki types?

Image via TMZ

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