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John Travolta Can Make a Comeback, Like These 6 Celebs Did! (PHOTOS)

john travolta and kelly prestonWith both John Does dropping the sexual battery lawsuit, this ends John Travolta's legal woes ... at least for now. Apparently one of his accusers has hired scandal savvy legal eagle Gloria Allred (she represented Tiger Woods' alleged gal pal Rachel Uchitel), who hinted that her new client may file another suit against the actor.

Until then, however, Travolta has a bigger hurdle to climb: recouping his sullied star power. Though, the legend of Vinnie Barbarino isn't totally tarnished. Some day, the sordid tales of that "reverse massage" will simply be a snicker-inducing footnote in his celeb bio.

Below are other once down-and-out celebs who climbed their way back onto the A-list.

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1Drew Barrymore

The cherubic cutie from E.T. was a drug addict by age 13. Barrymore could have easily become another tragic child-star story, but the Charlie's Angels actress went to rehab and turned her career around. She's now one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

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2Robert Downey, Jr.

His drug-related antics landed him in jail many times between 1996 and 2001. A decade later, a clean and sober Downey got the lead role in Iron Man and became one of the most in-demand actors in the biz.

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

3Mickey Rourke

In the '90s, the one-time Hollywood bad boy ditched acting to become a professional boxer. A few too many punches ruined his pretty boy looks and people figured his career was down for the count. But in 2008, a critically acclaimed role in The Wrestler revived his superstar status.

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4Britney Spears

Fans had their doubts about the popstar's future after a breakdown (which included an unforgettable head-shaving incident). But Brit is back and better than ever.

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5Mike Tyson

Despite his prowess in the ring, the boxing champ became best known for biting Evander Holyfield's ear in a match. A guest role in the blockbuster The Hangover turned things around for Tyson, who later landed his own one-man show in Las Vegas.


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