Jennifer Lopez Is the Queen! Long Live the Queen!

jennifer lopezJennifer Lopez keeps telling us her love don't cost a thing, but if it did?

That price tag would be all kindsa high! Get this -- J.Lo just topped Forbes Celebrity 100 list, the magazine's annual ranking of celebs with the most money and fame. (Last year's #1: Lady Gaga). Apparently, in addition to all the buzz generated by her divorce/American Idol/boy toy tabloid trifecta Lopez made $52 million in earnings last year -- damn, girl!

Don't be fooled by the rocks that you got, hmmmm?

So, I'll be honest. My first reaction to this breaking news was basically ... and then? J.Lo's rich and famous ... what else is new?

But then I looked at the rest of the list ...


At #2, Oprah Winfrey. #4, Rihanna. #6, Britney Spears. #7, Kim Kardashian. #8, Katy Perry ... #10, Steven Spielberg.

Whoa! Check this sh*t out!!! All these chicks -- chicks of every color, I might add -- beat out Steven Spielberg?!

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Never mind how rather extremely disturbing it is that KIM KARDASHIAN ranked higher than an Academy Award-winning director on any kind of list. Let's just not think about that part right now, okay? Because I would kind of like to sleep tonight.

I much prefer to focus on the Girl Power aspect of this year's Forbes Celebrity 100 list, led by a fly girl from the Bronx! Aww yeah! Who run the world? GIRLS!

As for Justin Bieber at #3? He'd be nothing without Selena Gomez, let's just face it.

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez topping the Forbes Celebrity 100 list?

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