Kim Kardashian's Producer Addresses Her Most Scandalous Rumor

kim kardashianJonathan Murray is considered one of the founding fathers of reality TV. He created The Real World for MTV, and he's behind a bunch of other reality shows including The Bad Girls Club and Keeping Up With the Kardashians and its spin-offs. Now he's putting to rest one of the biggest rumors about the Kardashian series: Whether or not Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries, which lasted a mere 72 days, was staged for the cameras. Says Murray:

Kim did not seek us out as to who she should marry, nor should she. All we're doing as producers is saying, "Kim, we want to cover it." We want to shoot the marriage, hell, if they'd let us we'd go on the honeymoon with them. (They didn't let us.) We're just the people who document what happens. I would not want the responsibility of telling Kim what to do in her romantic life.


Beyond the disappointment of the cameras not being allowed on the honeymoon, I guess this clears things up. Sorta?

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Of course, Murray wouldn't want to tell Kim whom to marry or even whether to get married. But, ya know, Kim is no dummy (no, really). She had cameras around. She wanted to put on a good show. She herself even admitted that she got caught up in the moment. That can put a lot of marriage pressure on a gal.

Adds Murray:

It was pretty clear that these two people maybe weren't exactly right for each other, that they didn't have as much going for them as a couple as they thought they had when they entered the relationship.

That's for sure. I wonder what the cameras will capture in terms of Kim and Kanye. But, oh yeah, the cameras won't be there for that relationship. Suuuure.

Do you still think Kim's marriage was fake?

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