Kristen Stewart Details the Hot Vampire Sex in 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' (VIDEO)

kristen stewart on graham norton showAlthough the Fifty Shades of Grey flick(s) may be a ways off, we don't have to wait that much longer for sexy on-screen action between Twilight leading lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Before heading off to Cannes, KStew appeared on the U.K. "chat show" (aren't their terms just so much more charming than ours?) The Graham Norton Show. Maybe it's because she has a thing for the Brits (obviously her BF is one!), but she didn't mind spilling on the steamier scenes we have to look forward to in Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Apparently, the traumatic delivery of daughter Renesmee and transition to being a vampire doesn't take a toll on Bella's libido. Oh no, it has quite the opposite effect. For Edward, too! Kristen laughed while confessing to Norton that post-baby Bella is just as "randy" as she was before she becomes an undead mama.


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She elaborated:

It's a funny thing. As soon as [Bella] becomes a vampire, [she and Edward] kind of ignore their duties instantly. They just wanna bone. It's the most ridiculous thing. Really? You just had a child. Really?! [It's like] 'Yeah, but this feels so good! I'm so sparkly!'

Okay, while readers of the book won't be surprised by this plot point, and as much as we'd all love a good Twi sex scene, you gotta admit KStew still makes a very good point. It's all sorts of wacky for Bella and Edward to forget that they just went through possibly one of the most horrific, life-changing (or life-stopping?) moments they'll ever experience, they're new vampire parents, but all they care about doing is ... one another. Haa.

But I love how honest Kristen is about how nutty that is! Her reaction really seems to echo the reaction most readers had upon reaching that part in the Stephenie Meyer novels. Amazing. Even though she's an actress portraying a larger than life character in a tremendously successful franchise, she still realizes how totally out-to-lunch some of the story is. Whew -- what a relief!

Still, ridiculous or not, will we be super excited to see how that part plays out on screen? Rrrright, do I even have to ask?!

Here's video of KStew's interview ... She talks BD around 12:00.

Do you think Bella and Edward's hornball behavior post-baby is totally ridiculous? Will you still look forward to seeing how it plays out in the flick?


Image via GrahamNortonFan/YouTube

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