Lindsay Lohan’s 5 Funniest Lines on ‘Glee’ Show She’s In on the Joke (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan gleeIf you didn't catch Lindsay Lohan on Glee last night, don't worry, I've got you covered. Lindsay played herself as a judge at Nationals and the show's writers didn't miss any opportunity to have LiLo poke fun at herself. It was a very meta-experience as fans watched Lindsay talk about her comeback and argue with Perez Hilton, who was also a guest-star playing himself as a judge.

It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't bad at all. It reminded me a bit of her hosting gig on SNL. She came across a little stiff, but hey, she did pretty good. But no need to take my word for it -- here are Lindsay's 5 funniest lines from last night's episode:

  1. I was robbed for Freaky Friday!
  2. I'm here, Perez, because I care about young artists chasing their impossible dreams.
  3. Is there anything better than SOMEONE MAKING A COMEBACK?!
  4. What. This thing isn't even televised?! I am in full image re-branding mode here, people!
  5. Lindsay: "I'm seriously firing my manager." Perez: "Can I use that as an exclusive??" Lindsay: "Absolutely not.

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The part where she makes fun of The Voice is good, too, but she sort of flubs that line. It should be one long sentence but she takes too many breaths and turns the stream of conscious realization into choppy words you can see written on the paper.

Yeah. I took a drama class in middle school. I'm pretty much an authority on line delivery.

Lindsay's gotten mixed reviews, some thought it was good, some luke-warmly said it wasn't disastrous, but LiLo has at least one thing going for her -- she wasn't nearly as annoying and intolerable as that Perez guy. Brutal. 

Watch a mashup of Lindsay's funniest lines on Glee here:

What did you think of Lindsay on Glee?

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