Jon Hamm Wasn't 'Sexy Enough' for Don Draper

When you think tall, dark, dapper, mysterious, and grr sexxxy, you think Don Draper. You think Jon Hamm. He is the personification of sexalicious. No doubt he waltzed into the Mad Men auditions, lit a cigarette, and said, "The part is mine." Well, brace yourselves, because this isn't the way it went down at all!

It took at least six auditions for network execs to be convinced that Hamm was right for the role of Draper. Their main concern? That he wasn't "sexy enough"! Ah, I get it. The execs were blind. Or they were all on some kind of cold medication that made them immune to sexiness.


In reality, what happened is what happens in audition rooms all over America every second of every day. Not to mention corporate offices. And on dates! People who are 150 percent qualified for a job often don't get it. It's supply and demand, there is often much more supply than demand.

The AMC execs saw hundreds of tall, dark, sexy specimens of manhood during the audition process. Hamm didn't stand out at first. But he stood out enough to get another chance ... and another ... and another. He came back time after time, not getting frustrated, not quitting and hollering, "Why can't you see my inherent sexiness, you blasted fools?!" He just kept trying to prove himself and his hotness.

Hamm is a survivor. His mother died when he was 10. His father died when he was 20. And then he went into a long depression. He didn't find any work for his first three years of trying to be an actor. In fact, the agency that repped him found him so unsexy and so unemployable that it dumped him. Then he worked as a waiter and a set designer for pornography films.

He thought about quitting but decided to double down. It took 10 more years before he got cast as Don Draper. Cause he sexy like that. But more sexy than good looks is tenacity. And Hamm has lots of that. Yum.

Have you ever refused to give up?

Image via AMC

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