'Glee' Recap: Two Graduation Mysteries Solved Already

Lindsay Lohan GleeOh thank goodness. The question Glee fans have been asking pretty much since the show began has been answered in the rare two-hour Props/Nationals episode. You know what I mean. No, not do they win (although yes, we got that too)?

The real question for the real Gleeks, who knew they'd convince the likes of judges Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton that they rock, was simple. Gleeks needed to know: what the heck are the New Directions going to do after Rachel Berry graduates?


Her name is Tina Cohen Chang. And dang can that girl sing. She can even do Celine Dion!

In all, it was an episode that was focused on endings. The New Directions finally won that national title. But we also got glimpses of the future. Tina finally got her solos, and be glad that the girl who has spent all that time hovering in the background is a junior. It's thanks to her convincing Rachel to go face-to-face NYADA Judge Carmen Tibideaux that the regular soloist for the New Directions has gotten a second chance at college. And that means Tina's got a second chance at taking the spotlight. So the Rachel Berry position has been filled. Phewwww.

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Who's next? How about the brash gay kid? Oh yeah, they filled that hole too.

The New Directions edged out Vocal Adrenaline for the win at Nationals, and that means a certain boy finding himself by dressing as a woman onstage lost. And Unique, as he calls himself, hinted that he's going to be looking for a new school to attend in the fall. Gee, wonder where that could be, huh? Cough. Cough. Consider him the replacement to Kurt Hummel at McKinley. 

Which leaves a few holes, I know. And that's what the finale of the season, aka, the tearjerking graduation episode, is sure to give us. At least we've got some of the big mysteries out of the way to make it easier to say goodbye.

How do you feel about the "replacements" we're being given for some of the key characters we've grown to love? What shoes do you think will be toughest to fill?


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