Angelina Jolie Should Buy Brad Pitt One of These $1.6 Million Gifts

angelina jolie brad pittDon't get me wrong -- I pretty much think Angelina Jolie is like, the most talented gift-giver ever born. Merry Christmas Brad, I bought you a waterfall! Well done, girlfriend. And I'm sure Brad Pitt is beyond thrilled with every token of Angie's affection, including the latest: A $1.6 million helicopter (and flying lessons, of course!). Um, happy birthday ... ? Nope, it's not Brad's bday. According to a source, Angie just “thought it would be nice to buy Brad a helicopter as a surprise present."

Well, sure.

Anyway, like I said, I think Angelina's instincts are spot-on. But I started thinking about what her next big-ticket gift to Brad might be ... and I started wondering about what shopping for a present is like when you've got a $1.6 million budget. I mean, it's not like you're marking pages in a catalogue with sticky notes, y'know?

What does $1.6 million get you nowadays, exactly?


Well, guess what? Crappy economy or no crappy economy, it turns out you can still buy a lot of supremely cool stuff for $1.6 mil.

So the next time you're feeling generous, Angie ... a few ideas.

$1.6 Million Can Buy:

A whole lotta of love for little kids. That's how much the Dalai Lama recently donated to Save the Children. Feeding hungry kids ... hey, that's your territory, Angie! Show the Dalai Lamai who's boss and make a donation in Brad's name.

Babe Ruth's house. Yup, the "House That Ruth Built" is on the market in Massachusetts for exactly $1.6 million, and it seems like the 1920's Massachusetts home would be a fun souvenir for Pitt, on account of the whole Moneyball thing.

A Bugatti Veyron sports car made of porcelain. That's right, made of porcelain -- don't breathe on it, for the love of God!!!

A red Tibetan mastiff. Apparently this especially pouffy breed of dog is viewed as a status symbol in China, guaranteed to bring its owner lucky and security. I'm sure the kids would have a blast playing fetch with the pooch, at any rate.

Sotheby's Burmese Ruby ring. Soooo sparkly and beeyootiful ... sigh. A rare "pigeon's blood red" Burmese ruby surrounded by diamonds surrounded by more rubies. Sure, it's a little femme for Brad, but he's man enough to pull it off (i.e., let Angie wear it instead).

What would you buy with $1.6 million?


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