Jessica Simpson Turns Babymaking Into Millions -- Why Can't We?

Jessica SimpsonFor Jessica Simpson, parenthood means big profits.

Two weeks after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, Simpson already has a maternity line in the works and reportedly sold the first baby pics for a whopping $800,000. On top of that, she inked a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers to lose her much-discussed baby weight. If only all moms could figure out how to monetize motherhood. And I mean something much grander than selling your tot's barely worn Robeez on eBay.


After all, isn't motherhood harder for us mere mortals -- you know, the ones without the army of assistants, nannies, and stylists at our beck and call. It's certainly no secret that being a mom is an exhausting and often thankless gig. Worth it? No doubt about it! But a little extra scratch for all that effort would certainly be nice.

It's not that I begrudge the star her success. Despite her silly musings (she once tweeted, "Oh my God, y'all. I just had a daydream that my vagina ate a bag of Skittles!"), Simpson is a savvy business woman. Her line of perfume, clothing, shoes, and hair extensions have raked in a billion bucks. But I have to ask, what is Simpson, who hasn't released a new song since 2008, really famous for these days aside from her personal dramas.

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Clearly for many stars, a baby means continued or renewed interest in their lives and that translates to big money. Tori Spelling is the perfect example. After 90210, her acting career took a tumble into one blah TV movie after another (though I have to admit, I LOVED Co-ed Call Girls and Deadly Pursuits). Now the mom of three chronicles her family life on reality TV.

Even the A-list is cashing in on the trend. After the birth of her second child, Jessica Alba launched a line of eco-friendly baby gear, including non-toxic, biodegradable diapers. Does she know something Pampers doesn't? Honestly, if it doesn't hold a Hoover Dam's worth of pee, moms ain't buying it!

Bottom line: having a baby has become big business in Hollywood, which makes the blessed event a bit more sordid than sweet.

Should stars make money off of motherhood? Are regular moms more deserving of a payday?


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