'Basketball Wives' Renewed But With Less Slapping & Glass Throwing

Basketball Wives
Good news -- or is it bad news? -- for Basketball Wives fans. The ladies are apparently going to act a lot more ladylike next season. No more pulling hair, slapping faces, punching, swearing or "glass throwing." Glass throwing?! Yikes. Anyway, after calls for the VH1 reality show to stop glamorizing "bullying," -- not to mention a lawsuit in which one cast member was attacked -- the show's production company has vowed to tone it down. The cast will now "work out their issues in a non-violent fashion."

Boo. I mean, yay! No, seriously, this can only be a good thing. Though, I imagine, those who regularly tune into the show are probably doing so for exactly what they've been seeing: Lots of drama, even physical drama. Okay, women beating each other up.


I'm not going to say this is what I would watch. I have little desire to see grown women acting like bullies and thugs. But the show has been pretty successful, so to change its formula could be dangerous. Then again, being on the show sounds dangerous.

Does behavior like this actually make grown women behave the way they see others behaving on TV? I don't believe so. Not at all. But does what happens on TV contribute to a general idea about a group of people? Does it help strengthen negative stereotyping? I think so. And some black women feel the same. Said former The View co-host Star Jones on Twitter:

It may be 'comfortable' to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #EnoughisEnough.

At any rate, one wonders how much the show will actually be toned down. VH1 says that there will be "no excessive physical confrontations" on the show going forward. But what is their definition of "excessive"?

Do you think Basketball Wives had too much violence?


Image via VH1

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