Kim Kardashian's Pixie Wig Is a Cruel Imitation of Kris Jenner

kim kardashianSo for Mother's Day this year, Kim Kardashian put on a pixie wig that made her hair look just like Kris Jenner's. Awww, what a sweet Mother's Day gift for Kris! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Or -- was this some sort of cruel joke?

Think about it -- Kim was just out there flaunting a younger, fresher version of her mother's look. Can't you just see the photo card? "Dear Mom, today I honor you by reminding you that YOU'RE OLD AND I AM NOT. Haha, doesn't this hair looks so much better on me? Love, Kimmy." Honestly, I think she did this just to torture her poor mother. I mean, what was this photo shoot all about, anyway? You know she's not trying to channel Liza Minnelli.


Oh, it was Vogue Italia's idea. Kim was just doing a photo shoot for the magazine. Riiight. Their idea to give Kim hair exactly like her mother's. Best. Mother's Day. Present. Ever. Thanks Vogue Italia! Kris cried in her mimosas thanks to you. 

Oh I'm joking. I'm sure Kris can take it! She's not vain like that. She's proud of her daughters. It's not like she's the kind to go out and get trout lips surgery or anything of that sort -- oh wait, never mind. (Please let that be a prank, please let that be a prank.)

Anyway, I do like the dominatrix look on Kim. So fitting, no? She should have tried this look a long time ago. Think it got Kanye all hot and bothered, or did it scare him too much? Or both? Both I say, both!

What do you think of Kim's "Kris Jenner" look? 


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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