Kim Kardashian Tries to Out-Tan 'Tanning Mom' & Terrifies Us All

kim kardashian makes fun of tanning momWho knew Kim Kardashian had such a sharp wit? The reality diva took to Twitter this weekend to mock "Tanning Mom" aka Patricia Krentcil, the extremely tanned lady from New Jersey who has been accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter into the tanning booth with her. Kim posted an Instagram pic of herself with an incredibly deep, dark spray tan, along with the remark, "The tannerexic [sp] mom has some serious competition!!! Lol."

Funny, yes, but still -- talk about about the pot calling the kettle black brown!


No, Kim's never gone as EXTREME dark as Tanning Mom, but her tanning habits are definitely laughable and a worthy target as well. We're talking about a woman who fake tans on a regular basis, despite having naturally beautiful olive-toned skin. She and the other K ladies even promote a brand of self-tanner. That said, it seems to me like she's one of the last women on earth who can legitimately poke fun at someone like Tanning Mom.  

Guess we shouldn't be all that surprised though. Hypocrisy is pretty much a way of life for the Kardashians!

To be fair, though, there's a slight chance she was sort of poking fun at herself, too. The fact that she went to get that dark a spray tan -- for the sake of a joke, or maybe it was an accidental coincidence? -- is hilarious in itself. Either way, she'll stop at nothing for a few more seconds in the spotlight, huh? See ... she and Tanning Mom probably have a lot more in common than she realizes!

Do you think Kim's a bit of a hypocrite to mock Tanning Mom?

Image via Instagram

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