'Glee' Season 4 Secrets Revealed: Get Ready for Game-Changers Galore!

rachel and finn glee promasaurusAs we near the end of Glee season three and several leading characters' run at McKinley High, we're getting even more details about season four, surely in an attempt to whet our appetites for what's to come in the fall. I'd bet that FOX is just a wee bit nervous that even the most devoted Gleeks could throw in the towel if they think their fave characters will be absent from the show.

So they've just announced several major details about next fall, and it sounds like we have a lot to look forward to. Here, five game-changers that could make season four Glee's best season yet ...

  1. Glee is on the move! FOX announced this morning that Glee's moving from Tuesday nights to Thursdays at 9 p.m., following The X Factor. At midseason, it will follow American Idol again. I can definitely dig this switch. An hour of laughter and music seems like the perfect lead-in to the weekend.
  2. Say welcome to Penny Lane. Kate Hudson (who inherited the triple-threat gene from mama Goldie Hawn -- see: Nine) has signed on for a six-episode story arc! I wonder if her character will be based in Lima or in NYC ... 
  3. We'll be watching a show within a show! Yup, speaking of NYC ... FOX President Kevin Reilly revealed that next season will be like "a show within a show, following some characters to New York to a school for the arts." That must mean we get to follow Finn, Rachel, and Kurt to the Big Apple, right? Awesome!
  4. Oh, hey there, Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker. Hudson's not the only A-list starlet who has already signed on to guest on Glee. SJP has decided to make the gig her return to the small screen, too! Whee! I'm almost positive Ryan Murphy will make her one of Rachel/Finn/Kurt's acting profs and mentors.
  5. It's Glee: The New Class! (To hopefully be 100x better than Saved by the Bell: The New Class ...) Not only do we get the exciting new NYC plot, but new characters will show up at McKinley. As Reilly put it, Glee is "poised for a real creative renaissance" and "is really positioned for a strong year." Sweeet -- bring it on!

What are you most looking forward to or do you hope to see on the show next year?


Image via FOX

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