'Game of Thrones' Recap: Someone Is Gonna Be Pregnant Soon ... NOOO!


With only two episodes left of Game of Thrones Season 2 (man, did that go fast or what?), the plot is really thickening now. There was plenty of intrigue and twists all served up in its usual bloody way in tonight's Episode 17: A Man Without Honor. Jaime brutally murders two people, those creepy undead people go on a mass slaughter on Qarth over Daenerys' stolen dragons -- but perhaps the most horrifying bloodbath of all to watch and comprehend last night was, OMG, Sansa Stark finally got her period!


It's not surprising how she reacted when she woke from a nightmare (about her almost being raped by those rioting peasants from last week) and looked down at her bloody legs and then at the huge blood stain on her sheets. Interesting that her nightmare ended, not with her being rescued, but with one of the peasants stabbing and killing her. At times that might seem a more palatable option to the life she's currently leading as Joffrey's wife.

When Sansa saw the blood, she freaked. Who could blame her. Now that she got her period, she can start making babies with Joffrey, which means ... eww. That's a thought that would make anyone scream.

So of course her first reaction is to grab a knife and try to cut the spot out for fear of Cersei finding out. But it was too late. Cersei eventually finds out and sits Sansa down for a little talk about the birds and the bees.

"I thought it would be less messy," Sansa tells Cersei, which put a light touch on the heavier conversation to come -- that about Joffrey and Sansa's desire to have lots of princes and princesses. Sansa tries to convince Cersei once again that she "loves" the king, but Cersei doesn't buy it, tells her she can "try" to love him if she wants, but that the most important thing in her life should be her forthcoming children. It was a sad and somewhat unexpected thing to hear from tough as nails Cersei, who also found a tender moment with her brother Tyrion later in the show.

"The more people you love, the weaker you are," Cersei says. "Love no one but your children."

Which might be also an allusion to her brother Jaime Lannister, who, imprisoned, finds himself in the middle of a verbal showdown with Lady Catelyn Stark. Apparently Jaime isn't all ruthless and despicable. Cersei, in that talk with Tyrion, reveals how Jaime was so determined to be there for her during all of her births that he had to threaten the guards to let him in the birthing room. Awww. If you could get past the yuck factor of them being brother and sister, you might actually think that was really sweet.

There were numerous moments in last night's show that made you stop and go, huh, well, that was unexpected of a certain character ... not the least of which was Theon Greyjoy's expression of surprise when the bodies of two young children burned beyond recognition were lowered by ropes before Winterfell. GASP! Are these really the bodies of Bran and Rickon Stark!? And why did Theon look so distressed and disbelieving when he supposedly ordered their search and capture?!

What was the most surprising scene for you in last night's episode?

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