Jennie Garth's Breakdown Over Divorce Is Completely Healthy (VIDEO)

jennie garthWhen celebrities go on reality TV and share their deepest emotions with the world, it's hard to understand the motivation. Are they trying to win our sympathy? Are they using it as a platform for more fame, or to tell their side of the public story? Are they just ... broke? Jennie Garth stars in the CMT reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, and in the latest episode, Jennie opens up about the "sadness" and "anger" she's experienced after her divorce from her husband of 11 years, Twilight actor Peter Facinelli. He filed papers to end their marriage in March.

At first I was skeptical about Jennie's decision to sign on to the project, let alone talk about her divorce, but after watching the episode where she talks about her split, I gained a totally new perspective.


When I saw her sitting on some pillows in a circle in some yurt-type thing, I thought two things. One, I'd rather light myself on fire than squat on the ground and talk about the most painful experience of my life while cameras caught my hurt from every angle, and then, two, cheese and rice why am I crying!?!

Within 30 seconds, I no longer cared about her reasons for doing the show -- her openness and honesty got to me. I felt like I was watching my best friend talk about her divorce, or worse, me in ten years talking about a divorce, and I couldn't help but feel for the woman.

She's handling the situation with such grace and composure (from what's been televised, anyway) and I think she's setting a great example for her three daughters on how to handle yourself during an emotional crisis. It seems like Jennie's allowing herself to feel the pain, instead of denying it, which, trust me, is half the battle. It's so tempting to ignore your devastation, to pretend like this isn't the most excruciating thing that's ever happened to you, but that doesn't get you anywhere. Bitterness isn't just a river in Egypt.

As Jennie progresses, deals with, and recovers from this divorce, I hope she continues to hold her head high. Like many of you, I questioned her choice to talk about the end of her relationship on reality TV, but I think you'll change your mind, like I did, after watching the clip. She's just a woman trying to heal, and there's nothing wrong with that.

She delves into her emotions about her split from Peter at the 11:50 mark.


Can you relate to Jennie's pain?


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