Aubrey O'Day Actually Has a Shot at Winning 'Celebrity Apprentice'

aubrey o'daySay what you will about Aubrey O'Day, but the Celebrity Apprentice contestant certainly knows how to get her name in the news. Whether she's (still) talking about being fired from Diddy's girl group Danity Kane, dishing about Arsenio Hall's slut remark, or wearing next to nothing on the red carpet, she has a knack for finding her way into our Google searches. This go round, we're wondering how she'll fair on Sunday night's episode of Donald Trump's reality show -- it's then when we'll find out whether she, Arsenio, or Clay Aiken will get fired, but something tells me Aubrey has nothing to worry about.

Even though she temporarily left the show after a spat in the boardroom and has spared with numerous teammates, Aubrey has a certain je ne sais quoi. And no, that's not French for "enormous boobs in a small dress."


I have to admit, Aubrey's surprised me. I thought she'd be ... dumb. I'm sorry! I did. But you know, she isn't. She's very well-spoken, she has great ideas, she's very participatory and has an impressive take-charge attitude. Don't be fooled by her beyond cheesy sense of style -- under all those layer of self-tanner is a bright young woman.

Besides our real estate acumen, Trump and I also have our appreciation for the under-dog in common. I think he likes Aubrey because what you see is not what you get. Bet you anything she'll have a spot in the Celebrity Apprentice finals.

Her brief break from the show might come back to haunt her, but odds are she'll be safe. I'm banking that Arsenio goes home and it's a Clay Aiken/ Aubrey O'Day all-ginger final.

One thing's certain, though. Regardless if Aubrey's fired or continues on to be the winner, we'll be hearing a lot from and about her in the next few weeks. Her biggest talent just might be getting people to talk about her, and when you're trying to make a living as a reality TV celeb, that's probably the only talent you need.

Do you think Aubrey could win it all?


Photo via ellasportfolio/Flickr

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