Jury Gave Rapper Lil Boosie the Verdict He Deserved

lil boosieTorence "Lil Boosie" Hatch is currently serving an eight year prison sentence on drug charges, but until the jury's ruling yesterday, ha also faced a life sentence for alleged murder. The 29-year-old rapper from Baton Rouge was on trial for the killing of Terry Boyd -- it was proposed that Boosie hired someone to off Boyd, who was shot and killed in his home back in 2009. The prosecutor tried to convince the jury that Boosie was guilty based on evidence of his rage in his lyrical content, but the jury wasn't having it. It took them only an hour to reach their decision and yesterday, Lil Boosie was found not guilty, and was acquitted of murder.

Yikes. Sounds like if you ever wrote a poem or something about how angry you feel, a lackadaisical lawyer might try and use that against you in the court of law.


I mean, if you wrote or sang something like "I can't wait to break my boyfriend's arm this summer" and your boyfriend was found with a broken arm in June, that'd be one thing. If it's relevant and hyper-direct, that's a different story. But trying to build a case around vague lyrics is borderline laughable. Thankfully, the jury agreed.

If Axl Rose ever found himself accused of murder, could you imagine a prosecutor trying to persuade the courtroom that because he was in a band with the word "guns" in it, Axl was capable of taking someone's life? Or if Mick Jagger was on trial, would the opposing lawyer bring up that whole Black and Blue controversy, where the band promoted their album on a billboard depicting a model bruised and bound by Mick? Of course not. And Lil Boosie's no different -- just because his raps express rage, it doesn't means he's guilty of anything. I'm glad Lil Boosie had a jury that understands that.

It doesn't matter if you rap, sing, write, or talk about doing something; what matters is actually, well, doing that something. 

What do you think?


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