Kim Kardashian & Other Stars Release Mother's Day E-Cards With an Ulterior Motive (VIDEOS)

kim kardashian noreen fraser foundationSending Mom a Mother's Day e-card can be cool. Sending her a Mother's Day e-card with a personal message from a star like Will Ferrell, Kim KardashianSarah Silverman, Zach Galifiankis, or Jack Black? Uh, about a thousand times cooler! Especially when Sarah, Kim, Will, Zach, or Jack are also sending her an important message about her health.

In the new series of e-cards, celebs implore moms to get screened for women's cancers. While it sounds like a heavy topic to bring up on a holiday, the nonprofit behind the e-cards, The Noreen Fraser Foundation, keeps things light. For instance, the campaign is cheekily entitled, "Word to Your Mother." Ha, gotta love that! Plus, the celebs' messages run the gamut from sweet and cheery to downright hilarious, so you can pick one that suits your mom's sense of humor, while encouraging her to seek preventative care

Here are a few of the best ...


OMG, Zach Galifiankis cracks me up. Here, he's not between two ferns, just hiding behind a big one, getting impatient with you for not having gotten your Pap smear yet ...

Now, here's Will Ferrell ... discussing patient rights. (Believe me, it's not as dry as it sounds. Quite the opposite, really.)

Comedian Rob Huebel's will definitely make you giggle ... or creep you out. Either way.

Okay, this makes me adore Jason Segel even more ... the cocky bastard!

Check out Sarah Silverman's, which is pretty cute, too.

Last but not least, Kim Kardashian's, which is making lots o' headlines, because well, that's how the woman rolls.


Would you send one of these for Mother's Day this year?

Image via menforwomennow/YouTube

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