Serena Williams' New Rap Song Is Fresh Like Frozen Pizza (VIDEO)

serena williams rap

Listen up everyone, I have an exciting announcement: Serena Williams is officially a rapper. I know what you're thinking. Serena Tennis Williams? Diva racquet thrower? That's ridic -- oh wait, that's perfect!

All evidence to the contrary, Serena Williams does not love playing tennis. Oh she's still going to slam those forehands, but it looks like she's looking to diversify a bit, too. There's her new line of Sleep Sheets, which has nothing whatsoever to do with tennis unless tennis makes you really tired. But rapping -- that can be about anything, including tennis. Have a listen.


Right, so it's not the work of a genius, but it's not terrible, either. I think it depends on how you feel about rap. "I cook the track up like frozen pizza." Yeah, so some people love pizza even when it's bad pizza. And other people love pizza too much to love just any pizza.

Are you hungry now? Me, too. What was I talking about? Oh yes -- so Serena's rap is just like frozen pizza. Not high quality or original. But you can digest it without feeling sick, right? And here is my favorite part:

I ball hard no tennis racket / I can't see these haters through my Gucci glasses / I make hits like batting practice -- they be like Serena, is you really rapping?

Serena, is you really rapping? Really? I'm not going to bother hating on Serena because she's just having fun. (And she can't seem me through those Gucci glasses so really what's the point.) I kind of love it, actually. I'm going to go listen again. And then maybe I'll write my own rap song -- something about blogging for The Stir, livin' in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Yeah, it's gonna be fresh.

What do you think of Serena Williams' rap debut?


Image via TMZ

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