Sacha Baron Cohen's Crude Kim Kardashian Joke Was Totally Called For (VIDEO)

sacha baron cohen as the dictator on the red carpetWith The Dictator hitting theaters today, people are already tweaking out over over-the-top comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's inappropriate sense of humor. And the criticisms certainly won't be limited to jokes in the film. Cohen's been making the rounds for a few months now, giving red carpet interviews in character (per usual), throwing ashes on Ryan Seacrest, and dolling out wild 'n' wacky tongue-in-cheek soundbytes along the way. Like what he said recently about Kim Kardashian

Not exactly unprovoked (he was asked about her possible run for mayor of Glendale, California), Cohen the Dictator gave an eyebrow-raising anecdote explaining just how well he "knows" the reality star.


Cohen told the reporter:

Kim Kardashian, I know her very well. She came over to my palace. I paid her mother [Kris] $400,000 Euros for one night with her. Normally, you negotiate with an agent or a pimp but with the Kardashians, you negotiate with the mother. [Kim] is so hairy that when I removed her underpants, I thought I was staring in the mirror.

Oooh, BURN! But come on, don't tell me you aren't smirking at least a little, if not bursting into a fit of giggles or dying laughing? Oh, Sacha -- he's too much!

Sure, the joke probably crossed several lines, but come on -- is anyone really that offended? From the origins of her fame (which, for the gazillionth time, was a sex tape!) to her wedding/divorce media circus, Kim's totally fair game. (Besides, didn't she herself admit to being a hairy Armenian chick?) And the jab at momager Kris Jenner was completely called for, given her blatant fame-culling ways.

The bottom-line: Every completely sexist, bigoted, even anti-Semitic shocker that comes out of Cohen's mouth is meant as kooky satire. (Hello, he and gorgeous wife Isla Fisher are observant Jews.) Of course it is makes us uncomfortable -- that's the entire point! Can't take the heat? No one's forcing you to see The Dictator ... although I'm sure Cohen wishes he could (heheh). 

Here's the interview featuring his Kim diss, as well his thoughts on President Obama's support for gay marriage:

 Are you offended by Cohen's joke?

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