Attention-Grabbing Katy Perry Is the Perfect BFF for Shy Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

kristen stewart
KStew demonstrates tip toe-ing behind Katy Perry
Poor Kristen Stewart. She can't go anywhere without throngs of fans screaming at her. What's the girl gotta do if she wants to hang out at a concert incognito? Well, there's always the baseball hat pulled low over her face. That helps.

And now KStew has another secret weapon: The Katy Perry Celeb Shield.

Last night she told Jimmy Kimmel about hanging out with Katy Perry at Coachella -- and becoming part of her entourage! She's so cute and awkward about it, too. "I feel like a weirdo right now -- I was with Katy Perry," she admits. Aww, KStew is bashful about name-dropping!


I wish we could see that moment when Katy "parted the waters" and Kristen followed behind as part of her entourage. It's so funny to hear about which star was "bigger" at Coachella -- in a totally friendly, non-competitive way. KStew, hiding behind another celeb? That's hilarious. "If you ever need to be incognito, have Katy Perry lead the way for you!" Jimmy says.

And you can picture her in her super-cool Coachella outfit, right? Anyway, lucky Kristen got to see that crazy Tupac hologram from the front row. Insider Katy knew it was going to happen, too. You know the world of celebs must be intense and back-stabbing and crazy, but Kristen makes it sound so casual and friendly. Well, sort of. I mean, she was part of an entourage. So that probably includes bodyguards and beer-fetching assistants. Still, that sounds like a fun entourage to hang with.

Who are you more like, bold Katy Perry or shy Kristen Stewart?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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