Unedited Kim Kardashian Reality Show Footage Could Be the Smoking Gun

kim kardashianOur sleepless nights might be coming to an end -- Kris Humphries and his team of lawyers are demanding access to unedited footage from Kim & Kourtney Take New York. I think you know what that means: the truth, friends, is upon us. What really happened in Kim Kardashian's world will be unearthed. We'll find out how many takes it took to film the proposal, we'll discover that PAs feed the sisters lines before rolling begins, and that's probably the tip of the iceberg.

What Kris is after in the tapes is proof that Kim arranged and executed the whole marriage and divorce for TV, and that she fooled Kris into believing it was real. To which I say, you go Kris, you go.

I have two problems, though.


One? I don't believe Kris is that dumb. I don't think he's daft enough to be fooled into marriage. I don't think he's so oblivious that he wouldn't realize that what happened when the cameras were rolling was different than what happened when they weren't. Look. If the guy is smart enough to learn some basketball plays, he's gotta be aware enough to realize that Kim was playing him.

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Two? I also don't believe Kris is that smart. If he really thinks that the unedited tapes will prove that Kim's a conniving woman who will stop at nothing to have a highly rated reality-drama on E!, then that means he played innocent when the red-light went off. Which is to say that he was bright enough to realize that these un-aired tapes might come in handy one day, and continued to act like a doting husband even during the downtime. I just don't buy that he had that much forethought.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us in the hands of the unreleased footage. We'll (hopefully! fingers crossed!) find out what their life was really like, and if the tapes show that it was all a ruse, well, fit punishment would be banishment to Elba. Or, at the very least, Catalina.

Hope Kim knows how to swim.

Do you agree that this unreleased footage could uncover the truth about their marriage?


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