Who Cares If Queen Latifah Is a Lesbian?

Queen LatifahHave you heard? Queen Latifah might possibly, maybe, sorta, kinda, be coming out of the closet this weekend. The actress whose sexuality is Hollywood's biggest mystery is headlining the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival this weekend. Hooray!

Now can we talk about the real news here? There is a Hollywood actress who doesn't give a flip what the morons in North Carolina think. She's down with the LGBT community. Does it really matter if she's a member?


If Queen Latifah is a lesbian, that's great. If Queen Latifah is straight, that's great too. All that matters to me, the fan of her movies and music, is that Queen Latifah believes in equality. I'll shell out $12 to see a movie made by a woman who understands humans are humans any day. What she does in her bedroom is her business.

Headlining this festival is a big frickin deal (to paraphrase our gay rights supporting VP), but that it doesn't mean much more than the fact that she's a supporter. In fact, I'm getting a little sick and tired of "supporting gay rights" being equated with being a member of the rainbow tribe. Let me make this clear: it's not because I'm insulted to be labeled a lesbian. I'm a straight woman who has been happily married to a man for 12 years, who wishes all my gay friends could share in my joy. That's it. Why is it so hard to believe that there are straight folks who don't feel threatened by our LGBT pals getting hitched?

If anything, this whole "is she or isn't she" makes me love Queen Latifah more. Because she's cool with the fact that people are poking their fingers into her private life, and willing to stake her career on supporting the premise that love is love, no matter what your anatomy.

What's your read on Queen Latifah's sexuality? Does it matter?


Image via affiliatesummit/Flickr

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